Like many in the alternative healthcare field, I have long had an interest in how the human body works and how to help people be comfortable in it.


A 2003 graduate of The Minneapolis School of Massage and Bodywork, I also attended the Licensed Practical Nursing Program at Hawkeye Institute of Technology in Waterloo, Iowa.

I have been working steadily as a massage therapist since 2003.  Drawing from my nursing training and gaining hands-on experience and knowledge, I have continually refined my technique. I have been privileged to help many clients to manage pain, reduce stress and improve health over the last fifteen years.  I believe the benefits of massage enhance any lifestyle.


I believe in the body's ability to rejuvenate and heal itself when in a state of relaxation.   I provide a space where the body and mind can slow down and return to a state of calm. In this atmosphere of quiet, I also provide skills and experience to support the letting go of mental and physical tension.


I am a body therapist.  I help you feel good in your skin. When you work with me you can expect to feel completely at ease, to have my full attention, to feel deserving of taking care of your well-being. Given the right space, resources and support, you will be delighted by how easy it is for you to sink into stillness and relaxation.

One of my gifts is to find humor in situations in order to ease tension. I am inspired by helping to create new beginnings. I believe that spending time in nature is essential to our well-being.

MY TOP 5 STRENGTHS* in my own words


My natural perspective is to wonder what it feels like to look out through your eyes. I can sense the emotions around me and I instinctively will look for ways to anticipate your needs and unvoiced questions. If you have difficulty articulating what your needs and emotions, it is likely that I could help you to do that.


I am good at sorting through the clutter of differing opinions, ideas and information in order to find the best route forward within the circumstances. I can see patterns in seemingly complex situations. This big picture perspective enables me to help my clients to see potential obstacles on their path toward their goals. I enjoy helping my clients to map out and choose a path toward greater well-being, relaxation and calm.


I am fascinated by ideas and explanations for events and experiences. I am especially interested in identifying connections between that seem perhaps on the surface to be disconnected. In other words, I hope to provide a new perspective and solution for your daily, perhaps even chronic, challenges in a way that is supportive of your wellbeing.


I tend to be quite mutable, enjoying life in the moment and creating my future one choice at a time. In this way, I am comfortable learning and sharing what I learn with my clients based on their changing needs. This capacity also enables me to encourage others to live more in the moment, to benefit from being mindful in the present rather than focusing primarily on the past and/or the future.


I believe that things happen for a reason and that we are all a part of something larger than ourselves. As part of this larger picture, it is one of my core values to live in such a way that my gifts will make a difference to the world (broadly) and to my clients (specifically.) I am genuinely considerate, caring and accepting of others.

* According to the Gallup Organization's Clifton StrengthsFinder Assessment.


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