What clients are saying

The Massage experience with Janet Fisher is a feast for all my senses:

Sight: The room is darkened which helps begin the process of shutting out the outside world with all its jarring stimulus, and because it is not completely blackened, the low light enables my sight to focus more acutely in a way that I can begin to center and look inwardly

Sound:  Not just the shutting out of the world in silence, but of soft rhythmic waves that is both hypnotic and soothing and allows ones breathing to regulate, and be transported to beautifully isolated sandy beach where one can imagine the glistening sun on the rippling water and the soft waves of palm trees bending to the breeze

Smell: Various but delightfully soft, organic scents which assist in deeper and regular breathing and slows the pulse

Touch: From the gentle warmth of the heated pad on which one lies, to the firm - yet gentle -strokes of Janet’s hands - the most powerful tool she offers that can both soothe, comfort, restore and connect - human to human!

Taste: At the end of the session, a restorative cup of pure, cool water and a citrus flavored Vitamin C!


My body is buzzing with well-being after my very first 90-minute massage with Janet.

I have had recurring issues with my low back for years and this is the very best treatment I've ever received for that particular challenge. Janet also provides lots of little touches as part of her process, including a thorough foot massage and the judicious use of essential oils. I feel completely loose and relieved from pain and I will definitely be returning. Highly recommended!


I had the best 1 hour massage by Janet!

She was professional, knowledgable, and very precise! I was pleased that she used the full hour and didn't take away time from the massage for getting ready/changing etc. She listened exactly to what areas I needed the most attention and provided a great mix of Swedish/relaxation/deep tissue/neuro-muscular implications throughout! And the best part, she didn't talk too much and allows you to fully relax! I will most definitely be returning again!

Nicky M.

I had a wonderful experience with Janet.

She listened to what my needs were and responded perfectly. I feel great! I discovered her through Groupon, but I will be a returning full paying customer.

Phillippe C.

I need to give you a compliment…

You know you’re a good massage therapist when your clients can’t wait to get back to you even while getting a massage at the Four Seasons!!!  I was there with my mom and sister (celebrating mom’s 70th) in Denver and everything was lovely, including massage, but it didn’t compare to you 🙂 🙂 🙂



Address  4810 Nicollet Avenue,
Minneapolis, MN 55419
Phone  612-590-0481

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