Massages are performed using a variety of techniques:


Uses slow, flowing strokes to warm tissue and increase circulation.  Relaxes the mind, eases muscle tension and induces a state of well-being.


A bit more invigorating.  This technique incorporates petrissage which is a wringing and kneading of the muscle tissue.  This further warms surface muscles and begins to relax deeper muscles preparing them for specific work.


Works with nervous system to break "pain cycle" and restore healthy muscle tissue.

Deep Tissue and Pressure Point:

Target specific tension in muscles with focused pressure. Cross fiber friction and deep, lengthening strokes are used to undo knots and stretch muscles.


Everyone's sensitivity to pressure is different. Please feel free to speak up at anytime during your massage if you wish me to adjust pressure. Some discomfort can occur with deeper work.


It is helpful to hydrate yourself (drink plenty of water) in the hours prior to receiving a massage.  This will help the muscles to warm quickly and become more pliable.


Thank you for deciding to book your massage with me!


There is 2-hour onstreet parking in front of the building and on adjacent streets. You can park across the street in the Shenandoah lot or in the upper portion of the Wells-Fargo lot on the corner of 47th and Chicago. Please DO NOT park in the Health Partners lot. They will tow your car.


I am located in the Parkway Office Building at 4748 Chicago Avenue. We share a front door with the brightly lit Carver Junk Company. Enter the main doorway and go to your right. Please have a seat in the entry area and I will meet you there a few minutes before your scheduled appointment. If you arrive very early, there are wonderful treats and beverages next door at Turtle Bread or across the street at Sovereign Grounds Coffee Shop.


I will have a short intake form for you to fill out and also ask a few questions pertaining to what your needs and expectations are for the massage session.


I will step out of the room while you get undressed and onto the table. I use full draping to ensure modesty and propriety during the massage session. A heated table also helps to ensure your comfort.


It is important to know that everyone's sensitivity to pressure is different. What one person experiences as comfortable may be too light or too deep for another. There is no one right amount of pressure, so please speak up if you need me to adjust pressure during your massage.


Credit cards are happily accepted for your convenience, although cash or check payments are preferred. Payment is due at the end of the session. You can set up your next appointment at that time too if you wish. Package purchases are non-refundable.  I understand that things happen, and can forgive one no-show.  If you have a package and have a second no-show (total, not per package), you will forfeit the free session.


The scheduling program that I use, Schedulicity is set up so that you can cancel or change your appointment up to 24 hours in advance. I know that things happen that can't be helped, so if you need to cancel and can't do it online, please give me a call. After 2 late cancellations, I will require a payment of ½ of the cancelled session before you can book with me again.


This, fortunately is rarely a problem. The first time I will require payment of ½ the fee of the missed session before you can book with me again. The second time I will require payment of the entire fee of the session missed. If it happens a third time I can no longer take you as a client. This policy is to ensure that I am able to use my time efficiently.


Address  4748 Chicago Avenue,
Suite 20, Minneapolis, MN 55407
Phone  612-590-0481

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