Q. Almost everyone that comes in for massage asks me at some point, “Don't your hands ever get tired?”

A. The answer is yes. They do. I do specific stretches to relieve tension and soreness in my hands after a day of massage. As I've told many of you, stretching done before bed is especially effective at relieving muscle tension. When I remember to stretch my hands and forearms in the evening, usually I wake up the next day free from any aches or pain due to doing massage therapy. Also, I receive massage on a regular basis to help maintain healthy muscle tissue as well as to keep me relaxed and feeling good!

Q. What kind of products do you use during your sessions?

A. Organic Bath & Body creams and lotions, and essential oils from Aromatics International and Young Living are used exclusively.  These are certified organic to offer optimal skin nutrition.

Q. How often should I come in for massage?

A. Several factors help to determine the optimal frequency for receiving massage. For general health and relaxation, if your daily life is mildly to moderately stressful, one or two times per month is a good goal, as your schedule and budget allow. This frequency helps to support good circulation, internal organ function, and muscle relaxation.

If you lead a higher stress lifestyle, travel frequently, your job requires you to sit in one position for prolonged periods, or you are going through a difficult time, one or two times a week can be very beneficial. Sustained high stress levels can be devastating to your health, and can contribute to heart disease and other life-threatening conditions. Helping the body achieve a state of calm works to reverse the effects of stress.

If you are coming in for chronic tension or pain that does not require medical attention, two to three times may be required the first week, and then diminishing in frequency as the tissue returns to a healthy state.

Anytime that you are in need of centering and returning to calm it is perfectly fine to schedule a massage.

Q. Why should I drink water before and after massage?

A. Like every component of our bodies, muscles need water to stay healthy. Dehydrated muscles are less pliable and more prone to injury. Before deeper work can be performed on a muscle, techniques are used to “warm” the tissue. This warming occurs more quickly and easily when the tissue is hydrated.

During the deep work, toxins are released from the muscles into the blood stream. Generally, during massage, circulation and lymph drainage are stimulated, and extra water helps the kidneys and other organs to process these toxins and remove them from the system.


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